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WebChat Broadcasting System's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
WebChat Broadcasting System

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[10 Jun 2009|08:25pm]

I used to go on WBS a lot between 1995-1997. I don't remember exact names of the rooms, but it was probably the teen rooms or the more general chat rooms. I do remember using the names Poetess17 and Amandine17  very early on, before I switched to Zerobutterfly. I wish I could remember names of people I chatted with. I really loved chatting there. If anyone remembers me, feel free to say hey.
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WBS Xtremeforce [19 Jan 2009|05:07am]


Not sure who made it, but it's been linked up on WBS's Wikipedia page.

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I remember WBS! [17 Jan 2009|12:24pm]
My, it's been over 12 years since I was last at WBS!

If anyone remembers, I frequented at the Wanderer's Inn (or Inn of the Wanderer, something like that) for some time before moving to Glenshadow's Tavern (renamed to Nia's Tavern later).

My main character was Razzelmire Swiftfoot Quikler. Other names I had was Baalzephon, Erdrick Dragin, Ryu Dragin, Vladimir Quikler, and a couple others I can't remember.
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WBS Endlessrant link [27 Dec 2008|03:58pm]


Splinterboy is trying to bring something worthy and well done back.

Give it a look!
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Endless Rant working on WBS format [27 Dec 2008|03:45pm]

[ mood | busy ]

For those of you who mat remember "Splineterboy" from WBS he has been working on bringing something lik WBS back for a few years now.

Many people have popped in and are members from WBS.

If your interested in seeing what he has been working on go look here: http://endlessrant.com/

Pop in and see what he has been working on... if you have questions drop me a message here or there (Witty there)


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X-Philers at WBS [18 Dec 2008|08:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

What a legendary chatroom X-Philers was. If anyone used to chat there please get in touch. I joined around 1996 and it all went to hell a bit over a year later, I think. (Thankfully I had nothing to do with it lol)

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Wow [11 Sep 2008|10:06am]
[ mood | excited ]

I was looking for info on wbs as I joined in 1997 and was usually to be found in the Coffee Room, 20 something and very occasionally the hottub room. I was Minulet to begin with but then went on to change to Min11. The first name was sheer desperation, having only just got our very first computer and starting to explore the internet I chance into a chatroom, lurked and liked what I saw. Tried to join a couple days more lurking later and every name I tried was used. Remembered old contraceptive pill I used to take and it worked. I got lots of 'hey I have you in my purse right now' jokes from the then mainly US members. I met some very nice people, and some (as it turned out) very strange people but I loved it and was there way way toooooo much.

Still miss it now!

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The Valley of the Lunar Rainbow is returning soon. Keep an eye out for updates! If you want to be notified of when this takes place, send an e-mail to diygeekchic@yahoo.com or join the Myspace group: http://groups.myspace.com/valleyofthelunarrainbow as updates will be posted there regularly!!

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teens 16-19 (i think) [18 Jun 2008|11:26pm]

Golly, I wish I remembered my name there.

I do remember using this picture, though:

Damn, look at me, all hardcore.
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Sex Room Alumni [25 May 2008|12:56am]
It's always a pleasure to find Sites who bring up our old stomping ground from eons ago.  I have found several, whom i spent long hours with chatting on myspace and other sites.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Goddess Crew forever!!

Mandy Kane
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Cantina tribute [15 Feb 2008|10:47pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Star Wars Cantina tribute at my friend's new forum:


Lone Ace started it up, then recruited me to provide insanity for his forum. And then somehow it degenerated into a tribute to the Cantina and an attempt to round up some old-timers for reminiscing.

So if you remember Lone Ace and/or Catalyna, or don't but were part of the crowd and want to possibly reconnect, feel free to head on over there and drop a few thoughts.

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Any 13-15 Playground alumni? [08 Feb 2008|05:23pm]

I was Austerea on WBS from 1995-1998 or so.  I hung around primarily in 13-15 Playground until I turned 16, was stupid and freaked out that I'd have to chat somewhere else, and when I tried the other teen rooms just never got into their community the way I did that first one.

WBS was the place I had my first webpage (I registered multiple handles so that I could have 5 pages! haha!) and through making that page I learned enough HTML to land myself a webdesign job just as I graduated high school. Really, what chat program today could do that for you?

I remember a lot of the drama that went on in that room: Ram Knight and Jessica dating, and then he and Meg dating... he always had that froggy knight picture that I think I still have saved on my hard drive somewhere. I usually used Red Fraggle or Elmo. I think of the bandwidth we stole linking those pictures from other sites and shudder. :)

I also remember that if you used Netscape back in the early days when you had to press the refresh button, if you were in the same room too long Netscape would eventually crash. Heh.

Anyway, if anybody posted there, remembers me or knows what happened to these folks (Ram Knight, Metro325, and Meg whose handle I can't remember) that would be great. I talked to Jessica for years after WBS closed but since we both switched screennames along the way and I don't know her last name I lost track of her. I've never found another chat system that I liked as much as that one, it's a shame that the new owners along the way didn't seem to realize or care about our loyalty. :)
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Ho-lee CRAP [24 Jan 2008|11:41am]

I haven't thought about WBS in AGES, until I found this community. I was usually Alixx Drann or IcemanKingParsons in the wrestling and Star Wars rooms.

Wow. This is old school, yo.
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WBS!! [13 Dec 2007|07:38pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

How exciting to see that there are still people who remember my very first chat room!  I was mostly on the Star Wars RP room. I used  the chat name RavenSky...  Things have changed in the 10 years since I first started chatting... wondering if there is anyone out there that remembers me!

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YAC [24 Nov 2007|05:28pm]

Just checking in to see if anyone from YAC (young adult chat) might pop by. I went by the handle, "deanna" and chatted there from '95-'97. I met my husband in YAC during that time---he was "Grishnakh." We still keep in touch with our friend, "Kim_" from YAC, too.

I can't help googling up "WBS" now and then, and was so happy to see this page surface. Many thanks to whoever gave it a voice.
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Hey [08 Nov 2007|10:45pm]

I arrived here after some nostalgic Internet surfing.  I remember WBS, and practically lived in the Valley of the Lunar Rainbow RP chatroom for the calendar year of 1998.  My main character was Ravene2, who later got a surname as Ravene Wolvenfoxe, and others I played included Sparrow Anthrofoxe, Kanys Darkfurr, Kane Hellfire, Rage Decay and a couple other seldom used ones I've forgotten.  Two Valley'ers are actually some of my best friends:  the players behind Krow (who introduced me to WBS) and Ivory Silk (who I met on WBS). 

Anyway, I'm seldom on livejournal, but if anyone sees this who used to know me, here's my myspace page:  http://www.myspace.com/nykkochet
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[05 Nov 2007|12:06am]

I used to post in the Alternative Music room as fud_puckers. It doesn't seem as though anybody from there is still around. The person I chatted with the most was grungygrrl. Maybe she will see this and get a hold of me. I doubt very much that anyone else will remember me.

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Native American Chat of old Original WBS [13 Sep 2007|02:52pm]

If anyone is here from the Room I co-hosted in Original WBS Native American Chat... I wanted to let yall know that
Rezdog Died on Sept 10th,2007 . He was the best friend of Lsage.
I was known as Cloud Dancer / and/ Woman in there.

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[28 Jul 2007|05:17am]

I miss the old wbs.net.

I was the LedBeatle.
I lurked in Gothic Cathedral, Marilyn Manson chat, Poets Corner, and one of the roleplaying rooms, I forget which.

Sometimes I talked about music, other times I ranted poetry or told old fairy tales, and occasionally I was a Malkavian vampire wHo tYpEd LiKe tHiS.
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The WBS Community [27 Jul 2007|12:22am]

Well, I guess the drama llama finally came to visit us.

I don't even know where to start, this got so out of hand. And there's blame enough for everyone, myself included. Had I been paying more attention to the posts in here, I would have seen what was going on. I'm not an RP'er, so I don't follow those posts as closely so while it did seem like a lot of new people were joining our little community, I figured it was just the usual small amount of activity before we go dormant again for another few months. Please though, if you have an issue (long time members may recall when we had spamming issues) let me know!

This community is for WBS - WebChat Broadcasting System. If you are looking for the LJ community for World Broadcasting System it can be found at wbs_community. As pointed out by many members of wbs in the past there are MANY chats to choose from now that our beloved WBS is no longer.

Links:Collapse )

(I took the link of every site I found in the community and on the WBS Wiki so please let me know if any are double listed or disbanded or missing or whatever and I'll edit accordingly.)

If you will recall the first entry, the main purpose of this community is to catch up with old friends, make new ones, relive old times and give WBS a place of honor on the web (though now that there is a Wiki, I'm sure it gets more interest than we do!) I'm all about recommending new chat sites and letting us know about your opinion of them, but let's try to keep it civil. And most importantly, keep your posts on topic. I've never had to do much in the way of moderation here, and it would be nice if we can be adult enough to keep it that way.

If you have anything to say to Cliff aka cliffordsatton after the recent drama, please email him at yourallheart@aol.com

Otherwise, hopefully sometime soon I'll have the time to at least change the layout to add tags, like user names or chat sites or room listings for easy reference. And a reminder, after this post we will go back to unmoderated entries. So enough stuff for today. I hope you continue to enjoy this community!
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