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I used to go on WBS a lot between 1995-1997. I don't remember exact names of the rooms, but it was probably the teen rooms or the more general chat rooms. I do remember using the names Poetess17 and Amandine17  very early on, before I switched to Zerobutterfly. I wish I could remember names of people I chatted with. I really loved chatting there. If anyone remembers me, feel free to say hey.

I remember WBS!

My, it's been over 12 years since I was last at WBS!

If anyone remembers, I frequented at the Wanderer's Inn (or Inn of the Wanderer, something like that) for some time before moving to Glenshadow's Tavern (renamed to Nia's Tavern later).

My main character was Razzelmire Swiftfoot Quikler. Other names I had was Baalzephon, Erdrick Dragin, Ryu Dragin, Vladimir Quikler, and a couple others I can't remember.

Endless Rant working on WBS format

For those of you who mat remember "Splineterboy" from WBS he has been working on bringing something lik WBS back for a few years now.

Many people have popped in and are members from WBS.

If your interested in seeing what he has been working on go look here: http://endlessrant.com/

Pop in and see what he has been working on... if you have questions drop me a message here or there (Witty there)

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X-Philers at WBS

What a legendary chatroom X-Philers was. If anyone used to chat there please get in touch. I joined around 1996 and it all went to hell a bit over a year later, I think. (Thankfully I had nothing to do with it lol)

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I was looking for info on wbs as I joined in 1997 and was usually to be found in the Coffee Room, 20 something and very occasionally the hottub room. I was Minulet to begin with but then went on to change to Min11. The first name was sheer desperation, having only just got our very first computer and starting to explore the internet I chance into a chatroom, lurked and liked what I saw. Tried to join a couple days more lurking later and every name I tried was used. Remembered old contraceptive pill I used to take and it worked. I got lots of 'hey I have you in my purse right now' jokes from the then mainly US members. I met some very nice people, and some (as it turned out) very strange people but I loved it and was there way way toooooo much.

Still miss it now!
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Sex Room Alumni

It's always a pleasure to find Sites who bring up our old stomping ground from eons ago.  I have found several, whom i spent long hours with chatting on myspace and other sites.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Goddess Crew forever!!

Mandy Kane