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wbs's Journal

WebChat Broadcasting System
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WebChat Broadcasting System, more commonly known as WBS was founded in 1990 and was based out of Menlo Park, CA headed by president and CEO Bayard Winthrop.

In its time WBS was the leader in Internet broadcasting and was the largest chat and event center on the World Wide Web. Hosting e-mail accounts, web pages and allowing users to incorporate images, links and other such things into real-time coversations in any one of 200 topic driven chat rooms, free of charge from any standard Web browser was what WBS was all about.

In early 1998 Infoseek signed an agreement to aquire WBS for approximately $6.7 million. Within the next year the format of WBS competely changed and on September 14th, 1999 the chat system became part of the Go Network(Go.com). WBS handles could still be used if reclaimed in time. Eventually Disney took over the Go Network and got rid of what was left of WBS.

(excerpts from InternetNews - Business News -- Infoseek to Acquire WebChat Broadcasting System and Radio, TV and Chat - WBS Business & Finance Chat Rooms)
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